Administration and volunteers

South’s Junior Cricket Club is run by volunteers.

The club is governed by Rules of Association and must comply with the requirements of the Incorporations Act.

Management Committee

A five-member management committee oversees the administration and operations of the club. Members of the Management Committee are appointed at the club’s annual general meeting in August of each year. There is a time limit on the number of years a person can serve in a position on the committee.

Current Management Committee

The Management Committee for the 2017-18 season was voted in at the annual general meeting on 16 August 2017.




Brett Gillespie


Frank Henry


Neville Silvester


Will Gleeson

General Committee Member

Deb Love

The Management Committee can be contacted at

The Management Committee meets throughout the year to keep the club running. Parents and club members may attend committee meetings. Notices and agendas for meetings will be published on this website when they become available.


The club relies on the help of volunteers in order to function. We specifically need the following volunteers for the pre-Christmas season or for the whole season:

  • equipment organiser
  • help with administration
  • Cricket Blast coordinator
  • trophy coordinator
  • assistant coaches for all age groups
  • team managers.

If you are able to help, please email