Updating MyCricket

Match results and players' scores must be entered into MyCricket following each match for all age groups from Under 11 (i.e. Stage 1 do not need to be entered into MyCricket).

It is the responsibility of a representative from each team to update MyCricket each week.

Note: If a team's match results are not entered into MyCricket on time, the team may lose competition points.

Accessing MyCricket

To update MyCricket, you will need an administrator account for the system. If you don't have an account, email to organise access.

Log in to MyCricket

How to use MyCricket

The MyCricket website has a getting started guide for new users. The website also has detailed help information, which can be accessed from the main menu once you have logged in to the system.

The below video also provides a useful overview of the system's functionality and how to enter match results and players' scores.

Click here for Video on How to use MyCricket