Match draws

Match draws for the season are available on the MyCricket website.

Match rules

Match rules for the season are available on the Metropolitan South West Cricket website.

Updating MyCricket

Match results and players' scores must be entered into MyCricket following each match for all of Stage 2 and 3.
It is the responsibility of a representative from each team to update MyCricket each week
If results are not entered the team will not earn points for the competition ladder.

See the updating MyCricket page for more information.

Cancellation of matches due to rain

Souths and the Metropolitan South West Junior Cricket Association do not make decisions to cancel matches due to rain and, therefore, no notification will be made on either of their websites.

The decision to cancel a match due to rain must be made by agreement between the coaches / managers of each team. In the interest of convenience, it is recommended that decisions to cancel matches or to delay the start of matches be made as soon as practicable to save unnecessary travel. However, travel to the field by the coach / manager will generally be required to make the decision with the opposition coach / manager to cancel the match.

The safety of players must always be the first consideration.

Please contact your team coach or manager to find out if your match has been cancelled.